Very Hungry Worm

All kids love wriggly worms!

Let your child feed the worm, watch it grow and learn to recognise fruits and colors at the same time!

Very simple rules:
- Tap the screen and watch the hungry worm going to the place you tapped
- Collect and learn the names of fruits
- Collect and learn colors

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Alphabet Balloons

All kids love playing with balloons!

Let your child inflate and burst balloons and learn numbers at the same time.

Very simple rules:
- Tap the screen to create a balloon
- Tap on a balloon to inflate it
- Drag them together to create words
- Burst them individually or all at once

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All kids love trains!
This is a classic Choochoo game.

Let your child make the train growing and learn numbers and colors same time!

- Tap the screen and watch the train going to the place you tapped.
- Collect numbers and learn counting same time.
- Collect colors and learn them.

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Add Quick Event

Add your events into your calendar easily and extremely fast using a single text field.It analyses the text you entered as you type and put into right fields instantly so you make sure that the event will be created properly.

Type '9 phone Mark' to set event 'phone Mark' today at 9:00. Enter '3/8 10/8 holiday' to flag days from 3rd to 10th of August as being on holiday.

No need for jumping from one box to another, dealing with many confusing options.


Cyklometr Mini

Show your position live during a race!

More info about the app: www.cyklometr.mazoviamtb.pl

Application needs account registered.

This is a minimalistic version of Cyclometer. It does not have any additional features, so it needs minimal amount of energy to run. The only thing it does is sending your position.

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